Top 4 questions you should get from your creative agency for any project

There are many creative and digital marketing agencies out there. So how do you go about choosing the agency that best suits your needs?

Communication, flexibility and collaboration are key factors in an effective agency-client working relationship. When looking for a potential partner, make sure they ask you the following questions:

  • 1.What are you trying to achieve?

Goals keep the focus on what matters. The role of the creative agency is to ensure that the company will communicate more effectively and drive results in a short and long term.

The goal is essentially the link between the project and its direct effects, whether it is online sales, email list growth, brand awareness, etc. — as that will help determine the best approach for your project. From there, you should always create the roadmap on how you are going to track success of your specific goal.

At Prezentology we’ve found a high reduction in unnecessary creative requests and increase in more successful strategies when we pose this question. It helps guide the requester in a better direction.

  • 2. What is the key message you are trying to get across?

Key messages are what you want the audience to remember. Think about what you want your audience to think and do after the project/campaign is delivered. It doesn’t matter how professional looking a graphic is, who designed it or how big the graphic is if it doesn’t get the message across, it is an ineffective graphic.

  • 3. Who is your audience?

It might be obvious, but managers often differ about the company’s target audience.  Your target market must be clearly defined.  Identifying and gaining the devotion of your target audience is necessary to be able to reach your brand objectives.

In order to guide your agency, it is fundamental to specify not only the target group, but the expected responses to the campaign, for the creative material to resonate with its intended audience.

  • 4. What issue is the campaign intends to resolve or promote?

Too often agencies do not focus on solving the client’s business problem. If you can’t identify the business problem, how can one provide the right solution? Allocating the appropriate amount of time to get the business problem is imperative. It is important to identify the need for the campaign, but also what has caused this need. If there is a gap in the market or an issue that needs to be resolved, what is the reason behind this? Why is there a gap? Why does the company or the client need this and where does this need originally stem from?

Answering this question in a creative brief will provide context behind the rationale for the campaign. It will also aid you in coming up with an all-encompassing solution to the question.

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