Just as in the laboratory, the strength of the recipe depends on the quality and proportions of the ingredients, as is the case with presentations, all components must interact with each other to transmit a persuasive message.

During our training you will get out of your comfort zone, you will begin to think creatively and start using the presentation as a tool for effective communication and persuasion. We draw inspiration from the best speakers, trainers and presenters in the world. We use cinematic techniques and build presentations as film frames that depict motion and bind the story together.

Danone Board, Warsaw

We trained CEN board members from Danone in persuasive communcation and presentation skills. To build excitement about the training we produced a teaser video and a series of mailings


Groupe SEB, Warsaw

6 days training for managers, sales, marketing and finance teams from Tefal, Moulinex, Electrolux, Krups and Rowenta. Training took place in Warsaw


Rockwool, Warsaw

2 days training for business managers from Russia, Kazachstan, Armenia and Korea from Grodan, Rockwool group. Training took place in Warsaw

Essity, Warsaw

We delivered 2 days Prezentology training to managers from Essity, the Professional Hygiene Business Unit in Poland, Warsaw

Arrow Electronics, London- Amsterdam

We trained regional managers from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Russia in Swindon, UK and in Amsterdam


Bazaar Voice, London

Delivered 2 days Prezentology training for EMEA pre-sales and professional services team in London


Danone, Warsaw

Performed 2 days presentations skills and public speaking training in English and Polish to a group of 35 managers from marketing and sales departments. Also, performed 1 to 1 training to directors and board members. Moreover, we prepared a concept and wrote a script for a motivational speech for IT department’s Christmas party and we trained them in public speaking

EDP, Lisbon- Barcelona

We consulted and designed the presentation for director of Innovation Department of EDP in Lisbon, Portugal. We designed presentation for EDP incubator and venture fund EDP Starter and performed individual training in storytelling and public speaking in Barcelona, Spain

Janssen, Viena

Delivered 2 days workshop to 50 CEE leaders about executive presence and persuasive body language in Vienna, Austria


Nutricia, Warsaw

Delivered 3 days Prezentology complete training for managers in Warsaw, Poland


Johnson & Johnson, Budapest

Delivered 3 days Prezentology complete training in English for country director in Budapest, Hungary


Tchibo, Warsaw

Delivered 3 days Prezentology complete training in Polish and English for sales and marketing directors in Warsaw, Poland. 2 days training for people from Talent Program and 1 to 1 training for brand managers

Biogen, Brazil- Portugal

Delivered training for sales team and managers about CRM software in Spanish and Portuguese. Trainings delivered for teams from Portugal, Argentina, Chile and Brazil and tool place in São Paulo and Lisbon


Converge, Amsterdam

We trained 13 sales managers from Israel, Holland, UK, Italy, Ireland and Germany. Training took place in Amsterdam


Infoshare, Gdansk

Delivered a presentation about persuasive communication to an audience of 1000 people at marketing and new media conference in Gdańsk, Poland


South Summit, Madrid

Master of Ceremony and a host at one of the biggest tech-startup event in Europe that took place in Madrid, Spain