How event branding can generate ROI

In order to engage your target market you should showcase your uniqueness as a brand at conferences and events where there is an extensive pool of both current and potential customers. When you want to leverage your next event for higher ROI, its branding and communication strategy has a big impact on the result.


Keynote speakers or the use of new technologies play a decisive role in event marketing, building a cohesive event brand experience will certainly make potential attendees not only sign up but empathise and engage with the brand.

So how can we use event branding to generate ROI?


Memory at a general level works selectively. For this reason, we keep certain memories deep inside our mind and we remember them perfectly, while others we forget  easily.

For instance, every time that Apple launches a new product – even when the differences with the previous one are not extremely significant- the brand concept they create is surrounded by an aura that makes you feel you are part of an historic moment.

When you enter an event and look around, what is the first thing you see? Which are the predominant visuals? What is the impression you have from the organizer, without having taken a step?

Branding an event is more than just a logo and a slogan printed on a banner. It combines all aspects of the event with a basic rule: attention to details.

Because if you don’t pay attention to details, your audience will.

Our experience and knowledge say that there are different factors to success when branding an event. Read more about Prezentology’s project for Converge (an Arrow company) FOM event in Amsterdam and Washington that resulted in positive reviews from delegates and boosted marketing ROI.

Future of Obsolescence Management (FOM) is an international event focused exclusively on obsolescence management with data security as theme during the 2018 Conference.

During creative workshops and discussions with the company, we created the visual identity around the main theme, data security using the characters from the binary language of O and I. We designed a randomized cluster around the event information with some of the elements interconnected and aggregated.


To generate ROI you should engage your customers both during the event and online. Do not forget to follow up with the participants after the event. Branding needs to be adaptable and easily-shareable by attendees with the aim of building a solid name. For FOM event we designed the speakers´ slide decks that were presented during the event and shared afterwards. This generated engagement and was a great reminder for people to attend next year´s edition.


Click here and discover Converge’s FOM event full case study

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