Why a methodology to prepare presentations is a key to effective organizational communication

Organizational communication is important, because it significantly impacts 3 very important areas of an organization: Employee engagement, customer satisfaction and public perception.  The result of co-worker to co-worker or co-worker to a client interaction is how valued a person feels during and after the interaction. If everyone does presentations “their way” it could be chaotic, so a clear methodology is fundamental for the benefit of all.

Delivering effective and powerful presentations is critical to business success, whether you pitch a product or services to a client or  explain the project and ask for funding to management.

In most cases, preparing presentation means copying and pasting slides from different departments or colleagues without a clear methodology, goal, look or structure. It happens because people don’t give enough importance to the presentation itself, tending to put all the content into slides without planning and structuring.

According to research from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), many companies are losing money due to poor communication. When a company does not follow one clear methodology for communication, their pitches and presentations are chaotic, create confusion and delay decision making.

At Prezentology we have a strong understanding of communication, and through our methodology, we provide a clear framework to organizing and structuring communication. We create, structure and design persuasive presentations to the biggest companies globally.

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