A clear look at the future: Prezentology reveals new brand identity

Prezentology has taken leaps and bounds in the past years. We are a 360º global creative and strategy agency with a strong expertise in communication and marketing. We have evolved our services and offer and our brand image needed to evolve with us.

The previous brand identity was suited for an early-stage company, but nowadays, given the pace of evolution and after a complete analysis, it was the right time to make an update with a fresh branding to better convey our story and overall offering. 


The previous logo lacked the modernity and flexibility that is abundant in our team. Our name, written in bold capital letters and our icon, a folded slide, was outdated and represented trainings, only one part of our service portfolio. At Prezentology we wished to transmit to our Partners the creative and strategic agency that we’ve become.


The process of rebranding started with a strategy workshop with our team about who we are and how we want others to recognise us, in order to structure the brand guidelines to follow.  Our old branding did not properly reflect our vision and values. Therefore, we first specified our brand´s core – our purpose, mission, vision and values. Our workshops resulted in the development of the foundations of the brand and our positioning, from how we work, engage with clients and generate ideas. We have defined the personality of the brand and its tone of voice. We have also developed a brand style guide to maintain consistency across all channels. Prezentology visual identity had to reflect our personality that we shaped around the brand´s core.


At this point we had solid guideposts about who we are, what does and doesn’t characterize us, but we needed to translate and transmit that visually. After analysing many fonts to visually express Prezentology, we realized that existing typographies do not really represent us. We designed a flexible and custom typography in lowercase letters, giving the letter ‘g’ a special meaning.



It was necessary to adapt the logo to digital and offline platforms, finding within the name an element that could be applied across all touch points. We decided to communicate it in a subtle, but very expressive way. For this purpose we use the sliced ‘g’ letter that symbolizes flexible nature of our agency. In brand applications, the monogram and the wordmark can be separated and can help frame the content.


We changed #000000 black color of our font to a more subtle matte black and we also made some changes to yellow. Optimism, freshness, clarity, positivity, yellow is our flagship colour and we not only wanted to keep it, but adjusted its tonality for a better readability online and offline.


Our new branding has the ability to stand the test of time. It is a representation of who we are today: a creative and customer oriented agency that remains flexible as our services continue to evolve.

From early on, we were determined to comprehensively roll out new branding. It wouldn’t do to just slap a new logo on the website and change colours; if a rebrand is to be successful, it needs full commitment.

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