A comprehensive communication training for those who have to persuade and present internally or externally

Design and creativity

Presentation design is our bread and butter. Your presentations will become coherent, clear and appropriate to the audience. Apart of designing we train design thinking, storytelling and slide design according to principles of visual perception


Acting Techniques

Advertising, film or comedy show draws from tools and techniques that affect our emotions and behavior. Drawing from our experience on stage and acting techniques we teach you how to express your emotions and control them in order to persuade and reinforce the core message

Business Background

We previously worked for multinationals in 5 different countries, so we know how to adjust the training program in order to obtain the best results regardless of the industry. We immerse in your presentations, problems and challenges, which allow us to become experts of Your presentations

We remove barriers between trainers and audience to create a unique learning experience

Our training programme consists of 3 main modules that are tailored to each customer’s need


You will learn, among other things, to:

  • Adjust the presentation/ communication to the personality types of your audience
  • Organize your ideas and transform them into a logical story
  • Create a core message and structure your presentation
  • Prepare an effective presentation
  • Tell a story with data


Our Visual storytelling method will allow you to:

  • Learn graphic design rules applied to presentations
  • Use PowerPoint to create engaging and eye catching presentations
  • Apply data visualization techniques 
  • Create a storyboard & design slides like a pro
  • See real case studies and examples of slides


Drawing from acting, comedy and theatre you will:

  • Learn acting techniques 
  • Use these techniques along with your own emotions to persuade and influence
  • Exercise your voice and tone for leadership skills
  • Use your body language to increase personal impact
  • Make an immediate positive impression