Success story: learn how to increase sales with a packaging design

The packaging of any product plays a decisive role in its marketing and persuading customers to buy it. Today’s consumers have many ways -more than ever- to discover and buy items as retail proximity is no longer the main reason to do it.

Although many factors inspire a consumer’s decision to purchase your product (price, quality, ethics, availability, etc.), packaging can tip the scales.

For instance, according to The Paper Worker, one-third of consumer purchase choices are based on packaging. Brands use their aesthetics as a way to influence how consumers connect with the brand on an emotional level to reach satisfaction and naturally, increase sales.

So, which are the elements we should focus on while designing a successful package that helps drive sales? Let us guide you in the process following Prezentology’s project for Australian footcare company, Synxsole and see how we helped them to increase sales through redesign of their packaging.


The way packaging feels matters to customers. We are humans and so, highly tactile creatures. For example, holding a stylish and elegant shaped crystal bottle of water will not provoke many people the same feeling as holding a plastic bottle. Although it is needed to say that the sophisticated packaging has a higher cost and longer production time, the returns are worth it.

The touch was a key element of Synxsole new packging concept, where tactile treatments were implemented, such as the transparency on the cover of the product so customers can touch and feel the product.



Packaging is a low-cost advert for your brand and as in TV commercials, it must impact your audience and stand out on store shelves In order to drive sales packaging must tell a story.  How would you describe your product in few words? Which are the emotions you want to evoke with your message? What is your product and what does it do?

A catchy and straightforward message is printed on Synxsole family of products to precisely resume those questions to really attract the attention of the consumer. Durable, fast, relieve, those adjectives recap and leave no doubt about both the intentions and benefits that the consumer will get out of the product.



The brand that over-crowds their packaging with too much text or imagery becomes its own worst enemy. It is a fact. According to The Harvard Study of Communications customers take seven seconds – on average – to judge whether or not they want to buy a product. So making the packaging easily legible is vital.

It’s important to be consistent, using the same signature colors and styling across all of your brand’s products. This helps drive home your brand and its message.

To catch customers attention and make sure they can identify Synxsole products quickly, we designed each product packaging with a different colour and geometric shape: insoles Synxsole are blue; elastic laces Synxlace are red; compression sleeves Synxplus are green and gel products Synxgeli are yellow.


You need a packaging that draws attention to your product even when it’s placed on a shelf alongside similar products of your competitors. A combination of those three elements: TOUCH, POWERFUL MESSAGE AND SIMPLICITY will, with no doubts, increase customer’s curiosity to know more about the product and as a consequence buy it. But, remember! For a repeated purchase, the product itself is the most important element after all.



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